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Best Metronome PRO

1.61 usd

Do you need a reliable device that accurately represents the tempo for each played song? Do you want to have full control over your work? Are you looking for an accurate and reliable metronome? Best Metronome PRO is perfect for you!
Our handy device will become close friend of every musician who needs a metronome to daily exercise. The application with maintenance of a simple interface offers all the functionality of professional metronomes available in stores.
Features:♫ The possibility of setting the tempo from 20 to 240 BPM beats per minute♫ Italian determinations of the tempo which are used in music♫ The opportunity to determine the tempo by rapping it on the screen (Tap the tempo)♫ The extensive system of playlists with the ability to record multiple tracks on each of them♫ Simple and convenient playback of the playlist♫ The division of complex bars into simple bars with the possibility of the distinction of the first value both in the main bar and in every simple bar (Accents)♫ The opportunity to divide the metric unit into smaller rhythmic values♫ The opportunity to combine sound effects with visual effects (Flash) and vibration♫ 4 different types of timbre♫ Meter and bar’s indicator (currently playing metric measure of bar)♫ Metronome turns off automatically in the case of receiving a call (the application is running in the background)♫ Adjustable volume ♫ Settings are automatically saved when you exit the application
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Thanks and Enjoy this app!